a nos amour

if you think your family is dysfunctional, you should watch maurice pialat's 1983 film, a nos amour. it stars, sandrine bonnaire, who plays suzanne, a 15 year-old parisian whose family is nothing short of crazy; her father (who is played by pialat) is demanding and aggressive, her mother is a neurotic mess and her brother, who is not only a total polo-shirt-wearing-misogynistic-pilsbury-dough-garçon, he also has an incestuously creepy sense of possession over suzanne. so in order to cope with all of the chaos in her home life, suzanne spends most of her waking life bumping uglies with cute french randoms (and one fateful american), which results in a profound inability to connect with others.

this was the first pialat film i have watched and i will definitely be watching more (if you have any recommendations, let me know). i'm especially curious since the criterion collection referred to pialat as the french cassavetes in their synopsis of a nos amour. that can only mean good things, right?

a nos amour also sealed sandrine bonnaire's spot in my list of most beloved actresses, she is so beautiful and wonderfully detached in this film. it might be interesting to note that this film was bonnaire's debut and it was a daring one at that. it's actually hard to believe she is only 16 in this film. this only solidifies for me that she is an amazing and talented woman, who i can only aspire to be half as wonderful as. i will never get tired of watching her. (note: you should totally watch her in one of my favorite movies, agnes varda's, sans toit ni loi.)

oh. there's also lots of nudity, sordid sex and red wine consumption.

so, if family life has got you down or you're craving a little 1980's french cinema, i highly recommend maurice pialat's, a nos amour. il est très bon! (sorry for the bad french.)

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