matt and kim will kick your a**

i have never really paid too much attention to the brooklyn duo, matt & kim, even though they've been around since 2004, but i am so into this song right now. cameras is off their late 2010 release, sidewalks, which i have not listened to yet, but i am so going to.

it's true that, cameras, is a really great single. the song is solid and a perfect anthem for kicking winter in the butt. the thing is, if it weren't for the amazing video, i would probably not be buyng a matt & kim album off itunes right now.

seriously, watch this video and tell me the magic of music videos isn't alive and well. i'm totally sold.


Anonymous said...

I saw Matt & Kim at ACL this past October and was super impressed. Thanks for reminding me how good they are; this video is exactly the kind of energy they have on stage!

Very cool video!

charity dawn said...

oh. so jealous! i am definitely checking matt & kim out, next time they stop in vancouver.

thanks for stopping by!