californication and my love for marcy runkle

i'm not sure if it was the fact that my mom was so adamant that i watch it or if it was my reluctance to accept david duchovony as anyone else besides fox mulder, but i had been very resistant to giving the showtime series, californication, a chance. however, when matt suggested we watch it one night, i knew it was either that or top gear, so i relented and two seasons later, i'm totally obsessed.

for those of you unfamiliar with the show, here's the deal: duchovony plays hank moody, a well known and respected author who has not penned a novel in some time. originally from new york, he now lives in los angeles, after relocating when one of his novels is made into an insulting romcom. with him he brought his precocious daughter, becca, and his baby momma, karen, who he is separated from when we meet them in the first season. while navigating being a writer (on the verge of being washed-up), a father, and devoted ex to karen (i'm totally aware that sounds like an oxymoron), hank finds himself between the legs of many naked women, often with unsavory consequences.

we just finished the second season and so far i have to say the episodes are fairly formulaic, in that they often consist of a series of unfortunate coincidences that usually land hank in some variation of the proverbial dog house. although i find this a little exhausting, the repetition is compensated by some of the wittiest, sharpest dialogue i've come across in a tv series. the lines that come out these characters' mouths are priceless and so quote worthy. i could watch these characters sit around a dinner table for a half hour and still be adequately amused.

one of the characters that is the most reliably funny is marcy runkle, the wife of moody's agent, who is played by pamela adlon. she is that female archetype that you so often hear me swooning over - tough, loud and a little crazy. every scene she is in will guarantee you laughs and when i learned that adlon used to voice bobby from king of the hill, i fell in love a little more. this woman has the comedic chops to hold this show on her own and if they made a spin off, called the marcy runkle show, or some shit like that, i would be the most devoted fan. here's the best sample i could find on youtube, it is not her funniest moment but it gives you an idea of how amazing she is:

i guess, to make a long story short, i'm saying that even if you're tentative about watching this show, you should give it a chance. and if the comedic writing isn't enough to sell you, the frequent and very hot sex scenes should.

have you watched the show? what do you think?


Jodi said...

Hellllloooooo didn't we tell you to watch it, like, years ago???? xoxo

charity dawn said...

yes! yes, you did. i will never not listen to you again!