come bust some moves with me and other copyright issues

i had never really understood the appeal of girl talk. until recently, the music purist in me perceived gregg gillis' musical act as armed robbery. known for his musical mash-ups, girl talk, uses unauthorized samples from various songs, everything from black sabbath to lil' kim, to create his music and his only instrument is his laptop. although, gillis has cited fair use as justification for his use of other artists' work, i still considered the thought of this to be blatant copyright infringement and lacking in originality.

however (yea, you saw that coming, didn't you?), a few days ago i came across a thread in my favorite internet forum where people were discussing their favorite music to work out to and there were so many people advocating the heart pumping, feet moving power of girl talk's latest album, all day. when someone noted that the album is available for free on girl talk's website, i thought i would check it out.

and holy crap! i was totally wrong about girl talk. that's right, i am going to eat my words on this one. this album is wild fun. it's like a crowded, sweaty dance floor waiting to happen. and after giving the album a listen, it became obvious to me that girl talk is less about theft and more about honoring some of the world's most notable songs and musicians. girl talk is able to portray this sense of respect for all of these artists he samples, not only by acknowledging them on his website, but in the unsuspecting and unusual mash-ups he creates (mixing aaliyah with janes addiction, for instance). it's like riding 'it's a small world' at disney; by mixing genres that are typically considered at odds with each other (metal and pop, is a good example) girl talk creates a sense of unity within the numerous genres that seems to illustrate, regardless of the type of music you prefer, we actually all listen to music for the same reasons.

i think the greatest thing about girl talk, though, is the fair pricing on his albums. as someone who believes that art should be accessible to everyone, despite your economic situation, and that the music industry's resistance to music sharing is misguided, i love seeing artists reject the traditional notions of charging fans exorbitant sums of money for their music. all of girl talk's albums are available on his website as pay what you can. so, what are you waiting for? whether you're looking for a good album to run to or you're digging for a great play list for your next party, girl talk's, all day, is your answer.

want a little taste? here you go:

in other questionable copyright news, i have been taking advantage of youtube's movie channel, that allows you to watch full length movies on youtube. granted most of the films they have listed are probably/defnitely terrible, they do have a pretty significant list of classics. or, if you're like me and have a sweet spot of campy, science fiction horror films of the 1950's, they have a lot of those too.

i recently watched the 1963 classic, charade, starring audrey hepburn, cary grant and walter matthau, which i highly recommend, as well as the surprisingly effective, carnival of souls. both films are on youtube, so if you find yourself bored one night and you've already had a little dance party with girl talk, go watch some movies on youtube!


Alexis said...

i'm so glad you've come to your senses haha!
"all day" is easily his best album yet, i cannot stop listening to it (it's driving zane a little nuts i think).
the most interesting thing about girl talk is his live shows. we saw him in calgary once years ago, and had no idea what to expect in person. how can a live show of music that's only produced with a computer be fun to watch? but he had so much energy and lost it on stage, it was awesome!

charity dawn said...

i'm so happy to come to my senses. i am now very anxious to see him play live. i've heard that his shows are nutzo!

Laurie said...

I thought I hated girl talk, but I don't really know.
I just thought it was messed up crap.
I will listen now though.
I promise.

charity dawn said...

that's how i felt too, laurie. like alexis says, all day, is his best album. so give that one a try first, and then see what you think. if you are not dancing your ass off as hard as you can by the 22 second mark of the first song, then there's no hope for you.


Natalie Jean said...

i listened to this album at work yesterday , not a good thing to listen to at work , alas too much derogatory swearing ...but if I was looking to bust a move this would do the trick ....( hahah but so would 'free falling' I'm a dynamic dancer) I HAD NO IDEA
excuse I am going to lock the doors and order in