fresh face

bare with me as i make some changes around here. i also have some tasty blogs coming your way but obsessive compulsive charity needs to finish what she started first. so stay tuned.

in the mean time, amuse yourselves with a video of a corgi doing belly flops:


i'm partially a shell

i came across this adorably hilarious video on and it was the perfect end to a crap day full of self-inflicted bitterness and cynicism. marcel the shell with shoes on is voiced by saturday night live's jenny slate and i suddenly have the compulsion to hug everything. marcel is too effing cute. god damnit.

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.


what a great couple you had been

i was feeling homesick for the maritimes recently so i purchased julie doiron's 2009 album, i can wonder what you did with your day and best decision ever!

generally speaking, i have issues with the female singer/songwriter genre. i feel disappointed with women in music when i see the generic, formula based guitar strumming, sweet voiced chanteuses coming out by the thousands. i prefer to see women pushing boundaries in music, like patti smith, bat for lashes and the ladies of sleater-kinney. or how about krysta cameron, who i recently discovered and now revere.

so despite doiron being a guitar strumming, sweet voiced chanteuse she's definitely not formulaic or generic. i love her light song writing and playful lyrics mixed with the heavy weight of distortion; the dulcet melodies perfectly balanced with double tracked chaos. i don't know if it's the brown hair and bangs but i'm all over julie doiron.

the best part, i know several people in this video. i think i'm even more homesick now.

ETA: i took matt to a doiron show once, many moons ago. it was our second date.


you won't get paid for this

sooooooooo, i'm currently redesigning my website and have a few surprises in store. but like any good blogger, i'm here to serve my readers (all four of you) and i want your input. i want to know what you want to see, what you love, what you hate. you don't even have to be tactful about it. do you demand regular posts? do you like videos or not so much? too many comma splices, perhaps? whatever. give it to me. i can take it.

also, what's you favorite colour? mine's red.


one of those days

today was one of them and my solution to these types is cat power and whiskey. preferably a lot of both.