r is for read

i contributed to my best friend, natalie's blog today.

i recently suggested that she read lullabies for little criminals by heather o'neill and she suggested i read mariam toews' a complicated kindness and now we've made monsters out of each other, both completely enamored and obsessed with these new reads. so she suggested we share our opinions with the world. take a look-see:


inception vs. white ribbon

i saw inception last night. my review of the movie is less than forgiving, so i'll spare you the bitter and cynical assessment of hollywood films. yes, i realize that a lot of people have really enjoyed this movie so far but i wouldn't recommend it to anyone. save yourself the $15.

on the other hand, i recently watched white ribbon by michael haneke, which was wonderful, shocking and unlike inception, original and affecting. as some of you may know, this is a slightly biased opinion. i'm a huge haneke fan and love his entire repertoire. this film did not disappoint and is now high on my list of haneke favorites. actually, i just returned the dvd today, almost two weeks late. it probably would have been cheaper to just buy it.

if you like german cinema, subtitles and a lot of unhappy looking children, I definitely suggest you watch it.


born from nuclear waste

i don't know how i've never seen this film before, but my room mates and i watched the toxic avenger this weekend and it was all sorts of amazing; if you're into campy, spandex-laden monster movies, that is.

for those with weak constitutions, i would not recommend watching this blood splattered, profanity filled trailer.  for everyone else, enjoy!