grotesquely hilarious

i'm currently reading in persuasion nation, a book of short stories by george saunders. and i'm sort of in love.

i first came across saunders listening to the new yorker fiction podcast, which is a monthly podcast where your favorite authors read and discuss works of fiction from the new yorker's archives. you come across amazing things like tobias wolff reading denis johnson's emergency, or jeffrey eugenides reading harold brodkey’s short story spring fugue. it's absolutely, hands down one of the greatest podcasts of all podcasting time. if you ask me.

anyway, joshua ferris does this fantastic reading of saunders' adams, a grotesquely hilarious and accurate emotional analogy of the iraq invasion.  if you have a half hour, you should listen to it. it's engrossing and totally laugh out loud funny.

the stories of in persuasion nation are equally satirical. and if you like vonnegut, i highly recommend saunders. they share some of the best qualities, particularly the ability to balance pure havoc and over the top hilarity.

so, yea. george saunders. remember that name next time you go to the library.


good idea explosion

i've recently had a mind explosion of good ideas happen and i need to stay inspired because i often lose focus quickly. i'm slightly a.d.d. that way. so i've decided to compile a list of things that are inspiring me right now - for your viewing pleasure. enjoy.

style rookie
tavi is the shit. she's thirteen years old and runs this wickedly clever fashion blog that has sort of taken the online fashion industry by storm. not only is she totally adorable but she writes like a pro. oh, and she's completely tenacious. what other thirteen year old do you know, will brave junior high dressed like a crazy yet highly stylish bag lady. i find her uniqueness and lack of regard for what other people think totally admirable.

simply breakfast
this blog makes me want to wake up early, quietly make a delicious, satisfying breakfast and read the new york times while the sounds of morning float through my kitchen window. it also makes me want to take more pictures of my food.

nasa's astronomy picture of the day
each day, a new picture of the cosmos.

sally jane vintage
please, may i have all of your clothes? seriously though. i'm really into this so called fashion blog trend and this pretty lady keeps me swooning. the bows. the high waisted skirts. the granny socks with heels. i love all of it.

she also runs an online etsy shop, which i am currently dappling in the idea of. i have a million vintage buttons and i'm thinking i can have a little side hobby selling pretty vintage buttons. kind of a niche market, i know, but what else should one do with a million vintage buttons?

carson mccullers
she was 23 when she wrote her first novel, a favorite of mine, the heart is a lonely hunter. for the love of god, i can barely complete a short story. her skill, desire and motivation to write such a poignant novel at such a relatively young age keeps me trying.

and lastly, dancing at the cafe